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Synkero develops a synthetic kerosene facility in the Port of Amsterdam.

An intensive preparation period with key stakeholders in the supply chain resulted in the initiation of Synkero. A start-up company that will focus on the development of a commercial synthetic kerosene facility in Amsterdam.

Why Synkero?

To keep our world liveable, we need to drastically reduce our carbon footprint

The aviation industry depends on fuels with high energy density. Something that, besides all promising developments and innovations, batteries and hydrogen can’t supply in the foreseeable future

Therefore production of synthetic kerosene, is the best alternative to reduce airline emissions

Synkero: Futureproof Aviation

 It is our mission to reduce the climate change impact of flying by developing a network of facilities that produce scalable, carbon neutral and clean synthetic SAF:starting in Amsterdam. But how do we plan to accomplish this? Find the answers in our whitepaper.


Power-to-liquids pathway

Carbon source

Multiple sources possible: point source capture
(industry), bio-based or Direct Air Capture

Hydrogen production

Essential to be green, availability of renewable
electricity is a key challenge

Synthesis of CO and H2

Chemical process to produce long hydrocarbon

Upgrading to jet fuel

Final use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Power-to-liquids pathway

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Joost Brinkman

Joost Brinkman

Managing Director

Astrid Schilderman

Astrid Schilderman

Technical Director

Misha Valk

Misha Valk

Commercial Director

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